Please Download and Install our Screen Sharing Support Program (Called CrossLoop) by clicking on the link below. Select Run when the download dialog opens, then follow the simple instructions on the screen to install the program.

Click Here to Download

1. Launch The Support Application (CrossLoop)

After the installation has finished, you can open the support application (called CrossLoop) at any time by clicking the icon on your desktop or by opening the program from the start menu. If you have not done so already, please download and install CrossLoop. This is the support application icon:

2. Click the “Share” Tab and tell the Support Representative your Access Code

The Access code is a randomly generated 12-digit number used to encrypt data sent between computers


3. Select Connect

Click the connect button. Your session should begin momentarily. If it does not begin make sure both you and your support rep. entered the same Access Code and try again.


4. Allow the Connection

Click the Allow button to allow support temporary access to your PC. Your session should begin momentarily.

Select the Disconnect button in the lower right hand corner of the application to end the session at any time.